Rates For Ithaca:


Collegetown Cab has been serving Ithaca and Tompkins County since 2011.  With competitive rates and friendly drivers the fleet has grown to help accommodate demand and keep wait times short. The Ithaca market is our priority, so please leave us feedback on whatever we can do to better your experience.

We specialize in on demand transport, reserved rides, medical transports including medicaid, group shuttles, moving services, wine tours, shopping trips, contract business, wheelchair transportation, and more. Call or email us today for your Ithaca transport!

City of Ithaca Base Rates:

For trips that begin and end in the City of Ithaca, the base rate is as follows:
Day-time rate (between the hours of 6:00 am – 6:00 pm) – $7.50
Night-time rate (between the hours of 6:00 pm – 6:00 am) – $8.00

Additional charges that may be applied to the base rate if applicable:

  • Children.  One child 5 years of age or under shall ride free if accompanied by an adult passenger.
  • Seniors.  Passengers 65  years of age or older shall be granted a $1.50 discount.
  • Additional Passengers.  Drivers may charge $1.50 for each additional passenger of the same party and same destination.
  • Baggage:  A $3.00 surcharge will be charged for oversized luggage and trunks that weigh 50 pounds or more.
  • Exclusive rides.  A passenger may request an exclusive ride through the dispatcher when arranging for transportation.  If a passenger is not willing to share a ride with others, a $3.00 surcharge will be applied to the regular fare.
  • Waiting time.  After a person has hired a taxicab, there shall be no charge for up to five minutes during which the taxicab wits for the passenger at the passenger’s request.  There shall be a charge of $2.50 for each additional five minutes or any portion thereof.
  • Fuel surcharge.  In the event of an energy/gasoline crisis or when gasoline prices exceed $4.00 per gallon for a period of 30 days or longer, a fuel surcharge may be implemented by Common Council.  This surcharge will be added to the base fare.

Commons Trips Outside the City of Ithaca

The rates for trips that start in the City of Ithaca but end outside of the City are as follows:

East Hill Plaza                  $11.00                       Cayuga Medical Center        $11.00
Malls/Triphammer Area    $12.00                       Convenient Care                  $15.00
Ithaca College                  $11.00                       Tompkins County Airport      $17.50
TC3                                  $31.00                        Trumansburg                       $30.00

Additional Ithaca Pricing Notes

  • The driver may require pre-payment of all charges.
  • Tip solicitation: No driver shall solicit tips, gratuities, or any additional charges other than those authorized. Voluntary tipping is permitted.
  • When the cost of fuel increases, fares may be subject to a fuel cost recovery surcharge as pictured below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.12.53 AM

Airport Pricing:



$17.50 minimum base fare

$1.50 per additional passenger of the same party after the first

$1 per bag for first passenger

$1.50 per additional bag after the first in the same party

$3 per oversize bag

FREE travel for laptop bags, backpacks, purses

$12 maximum base rate on rides less than 1 mile from the airport, plus extras



Elmira Airport: $95 minimum base rate

Binghamton Airport: $115 minimum base rate

Syracuse Airport: $145 minimum base rate

Rochester Airport: $225 minimum base rate

$2 per additional passenger of the same party.

$1.50 per suitcase

FREE travel for laptop bags, backpacks, purses

Rates Outside The City of Ithaca:



Call for rates on rides between the Town of Dryden, Town of Lansing, Town of Ulysses, Town of Caroline, Town of Danby, Town of Groton, Town of Newfield, and Town of Enfield without passing through the City of Ithaca. These trips will usually subject to advance payment.



City        Amount
Albany NY, $415.00
Alfred NY, $215.00
Atlantic City NJ, $685.00
Auburn NY, $100.00
Baldwinsville NY, $165.00
Batavia NY, $285.00
Binghamton NY(airport), $115.00
Boston MA,  $830.00
Buffalo NY, $345.00
Canandaigua NY, $145.00
Candor NY, $42.00
Cazenovia NY, $165.00
Central Square NY, $165.00
Cobleskill NY, $290.00
Corning NY, $105.00
Cortland NY, $60.00
Dansville NY, $195.00
Dryden NY, $29.00
Dundee NY, $155.00
Elmira NY (airport), $85.00
Fishkill NY, $445.00
Geneva NY, $115.00
Groton NY, $33.00
Hector NY, $55.00
Homer NY, $65.00
Horseheads NY, $85.00
Hyde Park NY, $425.00
Interlaken NY, $42.00
Jamestown NY, $430.00
Lake George NY, $475.00
Lake Placid NY, $550.00
Middletown NY, $375.00
New Paltz NY, $425.00
New York NY, $575.00
Newark Valley NY, $55.00
Newburgh NY, $425.00
Niagara Falls NY, $375.00
Norwich NY, $140.00
Oneonta NY, $179.00
Oswego NY, $170.00
Ovid NY, $70.00
Owego NY, $65.00
Painted Post NY, $105.00
Palmyra NY, $170.00
Peekskill NY, $445.00
Philadelphia PA, $575.00
Pittsburgh PA, $745.00
Plattsburgh NY, $660.00
Potsdam NY,  $450.00
Poughkeepsie NY, $425.00
Rochester NY,  $225.00
Rome NY, $215.00
Seneca Falls NY, $105.00
SkaneatelesNY, $105.00
Onondaga, $105.00
Syracuse NY (airport), $145.00
Utica NY,  $225.00
Verona NY, $215.00
Watertown NY, $285.00
Watkins Glen NY, $65.00
Willseyville NY, $30.00


Rates For Cortland:

Cortland City Trips: $5

Cortland City Senior Trips: $3

$1 for first additional passenger, $0.50 per passenger thereafter.  Five or more people is $0.60 per passenger after the second.  Children under five years of age always $0.50 when additional passengers.

$0.40/min waiting time